Many moons ago, at a tapas bar in Brooklyn, we met to discuss a potential new food venture and ended up in passionate conversation about the state of food waste. We'd both recently learned that 133 billion pounds annually amount of edible, high-quality food is discarded every year because it’s either imperfect looking or markets aren’t sure how to position it to sell. If we were going to make a new product, we needed to consider how to we could become part of the solution. Simultaneously, we discussed that our favorite food in the market, pizza, was also the frozen food that needed the most love. We imagined a perfectly light n' crisp, baker-developed pizza crust that didn't become gummy in the oven, made from stone-ground wheat that would actually fill you up. We imagined a sauce that tasted more like tomatoes than sugar and the perfect ratio of fresh hand-torn mozzarella to pizza toppings...then, lightbulb! What if we used premium vegetables that farmers have a harder time selling and accomplish all of our goals at once? After endless formulations, we landed on our dream Scraps pizza. Par-baked and ready in 8 minutes, our handmade pizzas help you do good: by nourishing your families, our food systems, and our planet.